Mediterranean-inspired Residential Pool
Princeton Bicentennial Park
Residence at Victoria National Golf Club
Mid-Century Modern Residence
Mead Johnson Cafeteria Planter Renovation - Zen Concept
4th and Main Street Park
Evansville Mid-Century Residence
Evansville Colonial-style Residence
Downtown Evansville Neoclassical/Italianate Residence
Wesselman Park Nature Center
Garvin Park Fountain
New Harmony Residence
Contemporary East Side Residence
Combs Landscape 2012 Homeshow Display
Santa Barbara Residence
Contemporary Evansville Residence
Owensboro Residence
Lincolnshire Neighborhood Residence - Evansville
Owensboro Residence
Evansville East Side Residence
Evansville Softball Complex
Griffith Avenue Residence - Owensboro, KY
Summerland Residence
Waterfront Hotel and Chase Palm Park
Holiday Post Card 2013
Holiday Card 2012
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